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A year in the life of Slumbersaurus

Updated: Feb 28

A recap of Slumbersaurus' adventures during 2023

Spoiler alert - It was jam packed with dino musical adventures!

Slumbersaurus had an absolute blast in 2023 having many adventures with his friends around the mountains and countryside of North Wales. Restless and curious as ever, Slumbersaurus journeyed far and wide, discovering musical dinosaurs in all sorts of wild and unexpected places.

Original characters, words and music by our very own Co-Artistic Director Jon Guy

Musical Dinosaurs spotted in and around the Vale of Llangollen - do you recognise where they are? Perhaps you'll see them next time you're out and about?

Adventure 1: Nature Adventure

Our first adventure took place in Llangollen Pavilion and was written by the wonderful children at the Llangollen Mudiad Meithrin. Their story about their local natural world took us around the Vale of Llangollen. On their journey they discovered the agile Flutodactyl catching its lunch in the River Dee and the shy Hornoceratops dancing a jig in Pen y Coed woods. We also spotted the cool Saxophonoraptor chilling on the roundabout in the park, and finally way up at the top of the valley, we heard a quirky Clarinetosaurus Rex yodelling a merry tune.

A Musical Scavenger Hunt saw young adventurers set out on their own expeditions to find Musical Dinosaurs amongst the trees and rivers at Loggerheads Country Park.

Adventure 2: Musical Scavenger Hunts

Summer saw Slumbersaurus set out on his most ambitious adventure yet with two outdoor musical scavenger hunts at Loggerheads Country Park and Plas Newydd Historic House. It was awesome to see over 250 Adventurers, young and old, hiking up hills, rooting through bushes and traversing rivers to catch a glimpse of some illusive musical dinosaurs. Once found, all the dinosaurs gathered together to perform a musical adventure narrated by the eccentric Prof. Fossil.

The Dino Band entertained thousands of young children at the Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod.

Adventure 3: Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod

Slumbersaurus finished the year with his biggest and loudest adventure yet as thousands of children joined him at the Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod. This musical bonanza saw Slumbersaurus discover some new friends he hadn't seen before. There was the Harpoguanadon relaxing by the river, escaping from the summer heat with a soothing melody, and a Celloplodicus lumbering and clattering through the trees and bushes.

2023 was a great big year of adventure for Slumbersaurus. Who knows where we'll find him on his next quest?

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